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i hate u and pleaz don't make me hate u more !!
B1A4..love it !!!
xtawu arr nux wat title pew..:)
What the =,= !!!
mlam yunk mmbosankan + jntan yunk mnyusahkan..=(
ala..da abes kew ??
emmmm :'(
Ostel ??? emmm........
erkkk !!! alhamdulillah !!!

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B2ST fact ... :)

Doojoon is the member that clean up the least, after Kikwang.
♥ Doojoon’s wardrobe is a total mess cos he loves to throw his clothes.
♥ Doojoon finds organizing wardrobe is unnecessary because at the end of the day, those clean clothes, either thrown or folded, will be worn again.
♥ As of Doojoon, everyone agrees that his ideal type of girl changes from time to time. He is the member who is keen to fall in ‘love at first sight’. As quoted from Doojoon, ‘first impression is always important to me.’
♥ Doojoon had also chose SNSD’s Hyoyeon as his favorite member.
♥ Doojoon’s ideal type is a girl who would go watch soccer match with him.
♥ When a problem occurs, the leader, Doojoon, will gather everyone and settle the problems thoroughly.
♥ DooJoon is the father to the group while the mother is Junhyung. Yoseob also admits that he is the son of the group. 
♥ Doojoon was ranked top as the male celebrity with a good body figure on Sixth Sense along with After School’s Gahee as the female celebrity chosen. #beastfacts 
♥ Doojoon beated Dongwoon’s record in ripping pants while filming MVs. Dongwoon did 6, while Doojoon did 9. But if we were to include the recent Mystery MV, Dongwoon now has ripped 7 pants. 
♥ Doojoon does not believe in quitting after a failure. 
♥ The members admitted that they don’t know about Doojoon’s trip to Africa for Danbi filming because Doojoon did not mention it. 
♥ The members all agreed to the fact that Doojoon is the most animal-like member in their group. 

♥ Junhyung’s habit of being meticulously clean was nurtured by his parents since he was young.
♥ Junhyung’s ideal type of girl is Son Dambi because she is sharp-witted, beautiful & has an attractive personality.
♥ “Junhyung seems like your overlapped image. They’re similar.” - Hyunseung’s mother, during their pre-debut days.
♥ Junhyung blamed Dongwoon as the reason to why he used to get edited out on screens.
♥ Junhyung & Hyunseung are known as the fashionistas in BEAST because of their deep interest & love in fashion.
♥ Junhyung admits that G-Dragon is one of the person he looks up most to.
♥ Yong Sama & Yongjun are among Junhyung’s most popular nicknames. Yong Junhyung was misheard as ‘Yongjun hyung’ by some of the fans. That was how the name Yongjun came up.
♥ Hyunseung hates the most when the members eat and leave snacks behind.
♥ Hyunseung has a good habit of putting the things he took back at it’s place.
♥ Hyunseung picked up good habits of taking care his wardrobe from Big Bang’s Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon) during Big Bang Documentary days.
♥ Hyunseung might had choose Yoona as his SNSD’s favorite member, he does not have any particular anyone as his ideal type. In fact, Hyunseung’s ideal type of girl is someone with a milky white skin & double eyelids.
♥ The members joked around and said that 4minute’s Nam Jihyun would be the most suitable person according to Hyunseung’s description.
♥ Hyunseung joked and said that Kikwang’s ideal type is most probably a girl who could make delicious protein shakes very well.
♥ Hyunseung used to get mixed up with Doojoon & Junhyung because of the JOON in their names. 
♥ On a radio show, the members revealed that Hyunseung only had one girlfriend in his whole life.
♥ Hyunseung can’t just walk past something that’s messy.
♥ Hyunseung thinks that the magnae, Dongwoon, is the handsomest member of all.
♥ Hyunseung’s nose, eyes and throat will become very itchy if he goes to dusty areas.
♥ Hyunseung has his own ways in taking care of his throat. He drink pear juice in every two days to maintain his voice/throat.
♥ Hyunseung sleeps with a handkerchief wrapped around his neck to prevent from catching a cold and placed a towel near his bed.
 K-fans named Hyunseung, The Eye Prince cos his feelings are always unpredictable. Also,he always communicate through his glowing eyes.
 Hyunseung loves to mix-match classic and sporty clothes together.
♥ Hyunseung believes that being a rejected member is not all negative. In fact, it’s good because it helps to make the public knows more about them.

♥ Yoseob’s ideal type is someone who is adorable and have a long hair.
♥ Yoseob was once known as the ‘Church Oppa’.
♥ Yoseob might only feel full after eating one bowl of rice, ramyun and 7 sausages.
♥ The members think that the nickname Pet Idols given by the fans was because of Yoseob’s cuteness particularly.
♥ Yoseob is kikwang's high school friend

♥ Kikwang’s ideal type of girl is someone who looks pretty when she laughs, and fun to talk with.
♥ Kikwang prefers a girl with a round features and some flesh than a girl with sharp features like a fox.
♥ Kikwang also said that he loves a girl that sexy, cute, and has such a charming side.
♥ Kikwang & Hyunseung spends a lot of times together as they both have the same passion in dancing.
♥ Kikwang threatened to cancel his patbingsoo’s debt he owned Doojoon after he lost in a game bet. But eventually he ended up buying it for everyone.
 The members told kikwang not to do any adlibs. Instead,they told him to 'just rip your clothes on stage'
 Kikwang is the member that get easily fooled. Yoseob and Doojoon even proved this to us on one of their show.

♥ Dongwoon’s ideal type of girl is someone who has a natural long hair & a compatible personality. Dongwoon also chose BEG’s Narsha as someone who is the closest to his ideal type.
♥ Dongwoon’s father, Son Illak, is a professor of international manners for hotel adminstration at Cheongju University.
♥ Everyday without fail, Dongwoon would organize fan-letters and gave out to the individual members for them to read theirs.

♥ In an interview (early-debut days), the members admitted that they used to talk & share stories about their past girlfriends.
♥ all of BEAST members had showered together. Dongwoon also mentioned about them playing & spraying water on each other.
♥BEAST’s all-time favourite game is Winning Eleven. Also, it’s the only game that they have in their dorm. When playing games, everyone’s desire to win is higher than the mountain.
♥ There are no Hyungs (older brother) in BEAST as everyone is treated equally. After all, they are all around the same age.
♥ There are adlibs’ consultants among the members who give advices regarding making adlibs, from time to time. This is to improve their adlibs so that the fans won’t get bored with the same adlibs, again and again.
♥ There was a fan who came twice to fan-sign events bringing a whole chicken, which the members ended up using it to make Baeksook (a type of dish).
♥ Believe it or not, Genghis Khan was one of the names they had considered before finally deciding on BEAST/B2ST. Other than Genghis Khan, 6 icons=6con, 300, K6 were also in the list of their group names.
♥ Each of BEAST members own atleast one gadget of Apple. Hyunseung owns a 16GB iTouch. Doojoon & Dongwoon owns an iPhone each. Kikwang and Yoseob each owns a 120G iPod. Junhyung owns either iPhone/iTouch.
♥ The thoughts of quitting had few times crossed Junhyung’s mind. However, because of his strong passion towards music, he started to evolve a “this or nothing at all” perspective.

source : b2st fact

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